Thanks for coming + pour les francophones merci d’explorer ce site et mon monde de “PEACE IN LOVE” qui est bilingue.

I am thankful & thrilled about my new project called “PEACE IN LOVE”. This is a long range project that includes all of my works up to this point and is now going in a new interactive direction via videos. Please be patient as it takes time and other people to do this new work. It is very rewarding and the people, may not always like it at first, but in the end, they love it. http://www.PeaceInLove.com

I have my highly loved book “Protonic Speaking” ~ Powerfully Express your Potential” on Amazon. It is now available and receiving rave reviews!  Get your copy now!

But I am working on a new one that will be a style of “Precursor” that is called the “WORLD PEACE Workbook”, that I will be happy to share with you for free digitally.

“Thanks for perusing this webspace. Time is one of the most valuable things we have, congratulations on investing in yourself. Let this site guide you to great solutions to explore, cultivate and develop your greatness and GRATITUDE.”

Blessings, Lucralover 

ps I am Grateful to have enjoyed a nice interview with Lilou to post, even if the last 5 min lost the sound the first part is very worthwhile, thanks Lilou Mace http://youtu.be/7gI0uOuPTC0