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Peace In Love, is the core of Greg Etherton aka Lucralover’s teachings. Thanks to being  a curious world traveller, he has discovered how to cultivate the Inner Peace most are looking for.  As a teacher + leader by example, he likes exploring human potential. Greg does this by writing books, teaching personally, and discovering great Energies wherever he goes. His materiel claim to fame is that from 22 – 39 he only worked half the year and then when he did work, he took on odd jobs. The other months were spent studying languages, cultures and personal development by discovering foreign countries as his assets accrued.

Now after several years off (something he calls “Retirement Practice”), spending his time doing thing he had only dreamed of and more, Greg is coming back to “active life” to teach others how they too can experience such “Peace & Luxury” in their life. He mastered MONEY and TIME, something we rarely get to embrace together and he can teach it to YOU, thanks to his book “Pay Yourself First” ~ Become RICH with Time & Money. More importantly, he has found the Inner Peace that makes everything else so much simpler to enjoy. Study  the book “Protonic Speaking ~ Powerfully Express your Potential” and you will be thankful you did.  The beatles said, “Money can’t buy you love”, but Lucralover says you need cash to keep it” Materially this is true, but there is also an Energetic equation that most miss. Let Greg guide you to your Greatness and to a life so beautiful that you will be filled with GRATITUDE.

Praise for Greg “Lucralover” Etherton’s teachings:

“There are many ways to financial heaven. Greg Etherton has a simple plan millions can follow”. ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki. ~ Author of Bestseller “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

“Whatever you are doing right now to trade your TIME for MONEY, you can make a couple of minor changes to have a better and more confident future enjoying more of both as you go.”     Lucralover 




So give Thanks for all you have

And see more to THANK!

by Lucralover
ps I love GRATITUDE and you will find more on my channel:


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