Let’s have some fun as we implement some of the transformational ideas in the book “Protonic Speaking” ~ Powerfully Express your Potential. Actually they are only transformational if, and this is huge, if you implement and integrate the information. To help you embody this in a fun way, the “Protonic Playshop” was created.

If you read the book once you get a warm fuzzy. If you read and reread a couple of times you will get inspiration and insight to help you practice and implement the “Affirmatively Positive”. When you come participate in a Protonic Playshop you will get plenty of practice and a new level of understanding as well as some “aha” moments to be remembered and repeated. We will get together in small groups to work on replacing some of the obvious and simple pitfalls with enhanced or empowering ways to relate, as well as teach you more tools to “catch” yourself when you are cruising thru your daily life on your own. Practice make perfect and Protonic Practice makes powerful new possibilities!

There will also be some teachings based on a few more of my teachings. Things like “Pay Yourself First” – having more time and money; developing a personal GRATITUDE Practice – TAG in the book will be brought to life; and the whole Protonic Playshop will culminate with a Forward Fiesta. This is where we take you five years into the future 2017, to design the previous few years. We will actually having a party (fiesta) where we “acknowledge, Brag about and celebrate” some of your great accomplishments from the previous five years, I repeat as if it were 2017. This is a very powerful training module that is loaded with high energy and therefore very potent.

The “Protonic Playshop” takes place during a two day weekend . The hours are typically from 9:00am until 6:pm on Sat, then 10:00am -3:00pm with a break to prepare for the climactic 90 minute “Forward Fiesta” during the sunset hour in a different, yet beautiful and lovely setting.


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